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Sellers Tips

bulletPricing a house 
bulletMaking your house look its best
bulletMarketing your house
bulletAn offer!
bulletThe closing

Pricing your house    For help with pricing your house click hear.)

   If your planning on selling a house, you'll have to decide what price you're going to ask for it. This is one of the most important and difficult decisions you'll have to make. Buyers select by comparison shopping, so your house will have to have a fair market price in order for it to sell. A real estate professional can help you determine the market value of your house while still obtaining the top-dollar price for your property.

    Some of the things to consider when pricing your house are:

  1. What are the age and condition of the house?
  2. Does it need updating?
  3. What have similar properties in your area sold for?
  4. Have houses in your area been decreasing or increasing in value?
  5. Are there a lot of houses for sale in the area?

    Remember, your house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. By working with a qualified real estate professional, you can ensure that your property will receive the needed exposure to attract interested parties who are willing and able to make an offer. 

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Making your house look its best

     When your selling your house you'll want to put forth the very best product. Buyers aren't coming for just a quick look but for a careful inspection. Keep the exterior neat by doing minor repairs. Eliminate clutter such as the kids bikes. If you have outside lighting make sure it work, put in bulbs of a higher wattage than usual. Paint the trim, clip the hedges, mow, edge, and weed the lawn and you may even want to plant a few flowers.

     Inside you'll want to lighten up the darker corners. Again make sure all the lights work. Fix cracked walls and add some fresh paint. Put the clutter away to give the rooms an open feeling. Make sure there are no "stale" odors in the house. This can be especially important in the closets, bathrooms and remote areas such as the basement or attic. On the day a prospective buyer comes to see the house you may want to consider baking some cookies, bring in some fresh flowers. These little things may help you sell your house a bit more quickly.

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 Marketing your house 

    When selling your house, you must realize that it's not likely that the right buyer will simply walk through your door on their own. Generally, you have to bring your house to the buyer, and that means counting on a real estate professional to put forth a successful marketing campaign. You'll want an agent who uses state-of-the-art techniques in addition to traditional methods. Your agent may suggest that you have a number of open houses to expose your property to a wide variety of buyers. A professional real estate agent is trained in the marketing aspect of real estate transactions, as well as in "qualifying" a prospective buyer. This will help to ensure that the buyer can make good on any offer made.

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An offer

   When you have a house for sale, eventually a prospective buyer will "make an offer." As the seller, you basically have three options: you can accept the offer, reject the offer or make a counter offer. A counter offer usually will encourage a buyer to continue their negotiations. You may also receive multiple offers. You may prefer to take slightly less for your property from someone who is willing to pay cash, versus someone who needs to sell their current house first. Contingencies, move-in dates, and financing are all things to consider when weighing an offer. If things seem a bit overwhelming, rely on your experienced real estate professional, who can go over the various points with you, and help you choose the best offer. 

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The closing

   Once you've accepted an offer on your property there are a number of details that need to be finished. First, you must choose a lawyer to represent you. Choosing the wrong lawyer can cost you much more than his fee. You should choose an attorney who is form the area you are in, and who is a real estate specialist. Your real estate agent can give you a list of lawyers, known to be reliable, for you to choose from. Next, There will probably be an inspection of your house for the buyer. The buyer's mortgage company may choose to send out an appraiser who will assure the lender of your property's worth. The title company will warranty that there are no liens or existing encumbrances which would inhibit a transfer of the title to the buyer. The day of the closing the buyer usually will arrange for a "walk though" of the house with the real estate agent. Rest assured that you can always rely on your real estate professional to make sure that this entire process, leading up to the actual closing proceeds smoothly.

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