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Moving tips

4 Weeks Before

bulletEstablish a moving expense log
bulletReserve a truck or contract a moving company
bulletSend out address change notifications to friends and important companies with whom you do business
bulletCollect your Vital Records (medical, DMV, school, tax, etc.)
bulletIdentify items you will be moving (have a garage sale and/or donate the remainder)

3 Weeks Before

bulletProcure boxes and packing materials (if applicable) 
bulletBegin packing seldom used or seasonal items. Don't pack items form different rooms in the same box! Mark each box with the room it goes in at your new home. This will make your unpacking a much more efficient and pleasurable job.
bulletMake travel/hotel/car reservations
bulletArrange for service of your automobiles if you are driving

2 Weeks Before

bulletPlan for the needs of infants, small children and people who need special help (wheelchair etc.)
bulletConsult a veterinarian about pet transportation
bulletCancel any home delivery service's)
bulletSchedule disconnection dates for all utilities and other services
bulletTransfer bank accounts to your new area
bulletRecruit some help for moving day (if necessary)
bulletSet aside items you will need when arrive at your new home
bulletBegin serious packing/storage of the rest of your possessions 

1 Week Before

bulletPick-up items that you have loaned out or have had serviced
bulletReturn borrowed items (including videos, library books, etc.)
bulletTransfer prescriptions to a pharmacy in the new area
bulletDrain fuel from power equipment and dispose of other flammable material
bulletUse up food on hand
bulletDefrost refrigerator and freezer
bulletPack a travel kit
bulletGo to the post office and fill out a change of address form

On Moving Day

bulletCarry enough cash or travelers checks to cover the cost of moving and initial living expenses
bulletInventory all items and boxes as they are loaded onto the truck
bulletWalk through the house, checking closets and other storage areas
bulletLock all windows and doors
bulletCheck that all appliances are off and leave refrigerator/freezer doors ajar
bulletLeave a note so the  the new owner can reach you, if for example they can't turn the sprinkler off
bulletLeave all keys needed by the new owner and label them
bulletTurn off the heat and lights
bulletNotify neighbors/police that the house is vacant

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